The Story Behind Make Time 4 Another 9

If someone were to ask me how many brothers I have, my answer would be four.  The three I grew up with and Steve McFarland, the one that grew in my heart.  During our twenty-one year friendship we always strived to “Make Time 4 Another9.” To us, that came to mean making the most of our time together, being intentional with our passion for golf, as well as the brotherhood that meant so much up until Steve’s passing in 2017 from testicular cancer.  

All forms of cancer are bad, but testicular cancer is often forgotten because of the associated high survival rates. Detection is key and I witnessed my friend live an active, athletic lifestyle for over 15 years before realizing he had stage III testicular cancer. One of the foundations of the Make Time 4 Another 9 brand is to promote testicular cancer awareness through our social media outlets and by donating 10% of our apparel sales to the Testicular Cancer Research & Awareness Organizations.

The phrase started as a tribute to my friend and then became my way of remembering him with the slogan printed on my golf items. After receiving waves of positive feedback I decided to create a lifestyle brand of performance apparel that encourages getting the most out of our time with those important to us. For Steve and I, our “Another 9” was golf, but your “Another 9” with those special to you can be anything.



Michael Kelley